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Galleries of our past productions
Jacqueline and the Beanstalk
The very first "Original Puppet Musical-Comedy", Jacqueline and the Beanstalk first premiered in City Park in 1989.  This uniquely Porta-Puppet look at the classic fairy tale of a mythical kingdom at the top of a beanstalk had some great New Orleans talents, including the voice of international Carnival star Becky Allen.
For the limited edition 10th anniversary CD "The Music of Porta-Puppet Players", Big Easy Award-winning actor Soline McLain provided the voice of Jacqueline.
These promotional shots by Edward R. Cox feature motion picture actor Fahloneé Harris as the brave  young lady who climbs the beanstalk to hilarious results!
The Beanseller
Jacqueline Climbs
Fancy Meeting You Up Here!
The Giantess

Click Here to listen to Becky Allen singing
"The Queen of the Kingdom"
Click Here to listen to Soline McLain singing
"My Daddy Won't Take Me"

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