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Our Storytelling with Puppets Selections

Storytelling with Puppet productions
only $200 per performance unless noted.
Additional performances may be negotiated individually.
Shows are approximately 35 minutes long with a personable puppet meet 'n' greet with each child afterwards.

There is a $70 out-of-town fee.

"Out-of-town" fee consists of any areas past :
Kenner; Luling; N. O. East; & crossing English Turn or the Causeway.
$110 going to Baton Rouge. .

An additional half-hour is included when the character can mingle with guests and assist with light hosting duties.
Storytelling groups are also available!

Now Accepting Credit Cards


"Storytime with Mrs. Claus"
A briskly-paced Visit from the "First Lady of the North
Pole!" Special puppets (& the tot-audience) enhance our ChristmasSing-a-long / Comedy, as well as interactive (yuletide) games. ThePuppet upstagers here: A Christmas Mouse (“Chrissy”), Frosty (as in “Snowman”), Yule Tide (an Elf), and Santa, of course! NOTE: This
show is totally different from the show, "Mrs. Claus' North Pole Magic"
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Storytime with Mrs. Claus

Storytime with Mrs. Claus
"Mrs. Claus' North Pole Magic"
Sing-a-longs, comedy, puppets, and (predominantly) fun (& interactive) Magic .....by Mrs. Claus herself!! Also Available "Storytime with Mrs. Claus"....a totally different show.
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"Director Bob Directs a Film!" 
with total assistance from his "crew" 
that our comic-actor must "enlist" from the
audience. Includes tons of hats, and the children
themselves get to "create" the scenes. 
A true (and most fun) creative treat for them, and a giant "laff-fest" for all !!
(No real video or camera equipment is utilized)
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Director Bob

The Toymaker's Helper
"The Toymaker's Helper"
Seasons Greetings, an aging elf who is about to retire,
is"teaching the ropes" to his newly appointed #1-Elf, "Yule."(with much help from the tot audience!) A 5-puppet cast, including "Yule", "The Nutcracker", "Rudolph", "The Christmas Seal",...and Santa, of course!
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"The Krewe of Easter Karnival"
where our tuxedoed Krewe Kaptain must prepare, 
with great assistance from his "krewe" (the audience), his Easter Parade. The Easter Bunny, leads a puppet cast of 4!
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The Krewe of Easter Karnival

The Mayflower Story
"The Mayflower Story"
is an actual history lesson cleverly disguised as a fun boat ride, with puppet cameos, and even coloring at the end, all told by a live pilgrim!
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"The Snow White Scandals"
as retold by the lovely lass herself, complete with special props, audience participation, and a happy ending for all.
Including her favorite forest friend: a timid squirrel!!

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The Snow White Scandals

Witch Class
showcasing "Broomella" the fun Halloween Witch, 
with harmless and complete "instruction" on how she "makes her livelihood" (with beaucoup help from the tots!) 
Special surprise: her traveling companion, a pet lady-spider!
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"Gepetto's Story"
where our aging puppetmaster retells
his famous tale of his brave son that used to be a puppet
(our puppet star for this story: Pinocchio).
Based upon the original Carlos Collodi tale.
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Gepetto's Story

Capt. Hook's Book
"Captain Hook's Book"
The wonderfully wicked Hook returns to tell his side of
the story, and how those awful Darling children ruined him.   Featuring an audible Tinkerbell, audience-supplied sound effects, and a baby croc with a few things to say.
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"If the Shoe Fits"
Cinderella herself tells her story of fame, fortune, and footwear, assisted by one of her former mouse valets.
(also available: the King's version, telling of his new daughter-in-law; your own daughter becomes Cinderella!)
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If The Shoe Fits

Mother Goose on the Loose
"Mother Goose On The Loose"
Our lovely (but forgetful) lady retells her favorite rhymes with the great assistance of the tot audience.
Includes "Hickory Dickory", "Hey Diddle Diddle" and more!
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"Nursery Rhyme Thyme"
a mock "cooking" show presided by our (very nimble) "chef" (Jack B. Nimble), adding lots of comedic "ingredients" to his "Fairy Tale Flambeau!"  With the upstaging [puppet] denizens : Hickory Dickory, Hey Diddle-Diddle, Red Riding Hood, and Mother Goose herself (to name a few!)
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Nursery Rhyme Thyme

Wizard in a Dither
Wizard In a Dither
has our comically inept hero in need of much assistance with his Halloween plans & Halloween "magic!"  Also helping: non-scary Halloween puppets!
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"Star Spangled Banter"
as historically (and hysterically) relayed by our Storyteller "Indie Pendants". Celebrate the Fourth in true Porta-Puppet style, and meet such big-time (puppet) luminaries as:  Betsy Ross, The Statue of Liberty, Liberty Belle, Uncle Sam, and more !!
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Star Spangled Banter

Dorothy's Trek to Oz
"Dorothy's Trek to Oz"
as told by the beautiful young girl herself. 
Complete re-enactment with costumes, props, and the Lion as one of our very special (puppet) visitors!
 (Can also be told by "The Wizard" himself,
with your daughter as Dorothy!!)
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My Visit With the Bears
"My Visit with the Bears"
features Goldilocks herself telling her side of the day when she met the dreaded trio, complete with a surprise meet 'n' greet with the Baby Bear at the end.
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"Barbie Tells it All"
has our beauty in a very candid and casual accounting of 
"...just one of her days in the life of...
They get to meet her surprise (puppet) pet at the end.
(also available as African-American Barbie)
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Barbie Tells it All

Tea Party With the Mad Hatter
"Tea Party with the Mad Hatter"
Low-comedy at high-tea! 
Our inane character pleas for "correct" ways to
act at a tea party, since he had never been to a "real" one before (just the ones in Wonderland!) Includes our puppet stars Humpty-Dumpty, The Walrus, & the ever-tardy White Rabbit!
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"Fairy Godmother Grab-Bag"
a lovely cornucopia of comedy, magic, puppets, games, & "wisdom," as presided by the grand ol' gal of fairy-godmother-dom, "Merrily Pop!"   A perfect excuse for "dress-up" ...and totally suited for little boys, too!  [Also available in Christmas, Easter, & Halloween themed shows.] Only $160 per Performance
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Fairy Godmother Grab-Bag

The Pet Doctor's Dilemma
"The Pet Doctor's Dilemma"
tailor-made for the true Animal-Lovers an aging veterinarian tries to treat a dozen or more animal (puppets), ranging from Rooster to Rhino.... with the giant aid of the folks "in the waiting room" !
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The Seuss Stories
"Dr. Seuss on the Loose"
A wonderfully old-fashoined storytelling experience featuring the tales right from the Doctor's very own books!
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"Pork in Teams"
The "3 Little Pigs" story....but in hilarious "courtroom" mode!  The "Judge" presides over the comedy...with YOU "serving" as "the Jury!"  Also joining the Pigs:  The Billy Goats Gruff, Red Riding Hood, Grammaw, and "Ivan" (the "Big Bad Wolf"..."winds up to 65 mph!"
Pork In Teams

Mary Poppins Pop-In
"Mary Poppins Pop-In "
Based on the classic book by P.L. Travers, the world's favorite nanny will pop-in for a jolly holiday, sing songs, bring treats (coloring pages & activities) and play games, all sorts. Children of all ages will love spending time with MAry Poppins, who also serves as a happy, snappy assistant to the host!
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"Professor Cinamon Stick "
She's the newest "Hogwart graduate"....proudly presenting "Potions, Pastries, & Confections Class" Perfect for parties whose theme is "sweets!" The illusions are, of course, made to look like the children have made the illusions! Fun for all....young and old

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Professor Cinamon Stick

Halloween Tricks 'n Treats
"Halloween Tricks 'n Treats "
"Fairy Godmother Merrily Pop !" is having her first Halloween Party .  Her allergies are causing her to sneeze every time she waves her wand and her Magic is a mess ! She doesn't have a costume ... she forgot how to fix her hair ... she's a mess !! So she must go to the store and prepare everything ... the old fashioned way ... By hand  ... not by wand ! This could truly be a Halloween to remember ! Come help her prepare her " Tricks 'n Treats"! Only $160 per Performance
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"Belle's Birthday Visit "
Kids will love when Belle makes a birthday appearance in full ballgownattire! Belle will share her story first-hand as children get to play a variety of roles such as Mrs. Potts, the Beast , and Lumiere. Children willalso get to participate in sing alongs of popular songs from the film and enjoy 1-on-1 time with Belle as she paints on faces! Don't delay! Call today and make sure to have the princess that truly is the "Belle" of the Ball!
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Belle's Birthday Visit

Sleeping Beauty’s Sing-a-long Story Hour
"Sleeping Beauty’s Story Hour"
You don’t have to have a slumber party to have Sleeping Beauty! Princess Aurora will gladly attend your party for an hour of storytelling with props, puppets, & sing-alongs. Children will have a wonderful time getting to play different characters in the story – including Prince Philip and the three fairies (Flora, Fauna and Merriweather)- as well as helping out with the “spinning” wheel and other parts of the classic tale!

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"Krewe of Laffter Parade "
help to put on a loony Mardi Gras Parade with lotts of help from puppets (& you)!

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Krewe of Laffter Parade

Elf ...or Leprechaun???
"Elf...or Leprechaun???"
Shawn O'Laffter" presides over this quickly-paced quintessenstial Quiz Show....all about St. Patty's Day. Be a Contestant. Be a Winner! Music, Bagpipe, Dance, Green Lemonade, and laffter....did we mention we'll have Laffter??

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"Cooking with the Frog Princess"
Be the first on your block to "house" the beautiful African-American Princess. No actual "cooking" is done, of course ....the children help with "the recipes" ...via audience-participation, games, songs, & coloring. Get to meet (& "cook up") the Frog himself! Also available: Ornate Face-Painting by the Princess. (A totally different Visit....for the same fee)
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Cooking with the Frog Princess

The ALice Adventure
"The Alice Adventure "
Hear (& see) her re-enacting having “falling thru the Rabbit Hole!” as select audience members get to “be”: the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter, Tweedledee, Tweedledum, and the Card Soldier[s]…all .to the [puppet] upstagers : a Singing Rose; the (forever tardy) White Rabbit; the Cheshire Cat (who entices a standing on-one’s head contest….as well as a “Smiling” Contest); and Alice’s Persian cat, Dinah. A not-to-miss interactive joy, as performed by the young beauty herself!!

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"Ariel's Treasure Chest"
Our pretty mermaid redheaded shares all her experiences, and “thing-a-ma-bobs” aplenty, along with songs, and a (puppet) fish!

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Ariel's Treasure Chest

The ALice Adventure
"Quest of the Snow Queen"
The beautiful Elsa re-tells her entire story, in full regalia. Plus get to meet her snowman friend afterwards!!

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"Birthday Tardy"
Party-Planner Paul must “throw together a birthday party” ….and “at the last minute”….but with the great aid of the “invitees!” Lots of (controlled) comic mayhem, puppets, and even “baking” a (puppet) birthday cake! Perfectly suited for both genders!!!

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Birthday Tardy!!





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