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Galleries of our past productions
The Bepuzzled Pilgrim
One of Porta-Puppets most requested shows and an annual staple during the holidays in the Gulf South, this Origial Puppet Musical-Comedy toured for over a decade before making the move to the Teddy's Corner stage in a full-length hit musical production.
Starring Vatican Lokey as "Xavier" the Pilgrim, The Bepuzzled Pilgrim tells the tale of a lone man sent into the wilderness of the New World to...find an entree!  Several of Porta-Puppet's own puppet "stars" are included in the cast, including "Ethel Mermaid", "Rosemary Cooney," "Marty Crawfish," and "Squanto!"  For the theatrical run, a secondary human character named "Little Feather" was added as a love interest for Squanto, played with aplomb by Casey Thompson.
These promotional shots are by Frank Methe.

Xavier and Ethel Mermaid
Squanto and Xavier
Delgado and Xavier The original poster artwork

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